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- Fruit Flies Watch the Sky to Stay On Course
- Workings of Molecular Motor Revealed
- T. Rex's Killer Smile Revealed
- New Theory On Size of Black Holes: Gas-Guzzling Black Holes Eat Two Courses at a Time
- Climate Change, Increasing Temperatures Alter Bird Migration Patterns
- Evidence Stacks Up That Monolith at Gardom's Edge Is Astronomically Aligned
- Evolution of Staph 'Superbug' Traced Between Humans and Livestock
- Brain Scans Support Findings That IQ Can Rise or Fall Significantly During Adolescence
- Eastern U.S. Forests Not Keeping Pace With Climate Change, Large Study Finds
- Nano Car Has Molecular 4-Wheel Drive: Smallest Electric Car in the World
- Enzyme Boosts Metabolism, Prevents Weight Gain in Mice
- New 'Biopsy in a Blood Test' to Detect Cancer
- Atomtronics: Exotic New Matter Expected in Ultracold Atoms
- Dark Matter Mystery Deepens
- DNA Nanorobot Triggers Targeted Therapeutic Responses
- New Light Shed On Wandering Continents
- Global Carbon Emissions Reach Record 10 Billion Tons, Threatening 2 Degree Target
- Societal Control of Sugar Essential to Ease Public Health Burden, Experts Urge
- Fish of Antarctica Threatened by Climate Change
- Physicists Identify Room Temperature Quantum Bits in Widely Used Semiconductor
- Space Weather: Explosions On Venus
- More Flexible Window Into the Brain
- Was Human Evolution Caused by Climate Change?
- Earth's Core Deprived of Oxygen
- Some Orbits More Popular Than Others in Planetary Systems
- Ten-Second Dance of Electrons Is Step Toward Exotic New Computers
- Engineered Bacteria Effectively Target Tumors, Enabling Tumor Imaging Potential in Mice
- New Technique Puts Chemistry Breakthroughs On the Fast Track
- Worm Seeks Worm: Chemical Cues Drive Aggregation in Nematodes
- New Fossil Penguin from New Zealand May Be the Biggest Ever
- Glow and Be Eaten: Marine Bacteria Use Light to Lure Plankton and Fish
- Global Sea Level Rise: NASA Mission Takes Stock of Earth's Melting Land Ice
- Extreme Weather of Last Decade Part of Larger Pattern Linked to Global Warming
- Patterns Seen in Spider Silk and Melodies Connected
- Surprising Molecular Switch: Lipids Help Control the Development of Cell Polarity
- What Can Be Done to Slow Climate Change?
- Transplanted Cells Repair the Brain in Obese Mice
- Why Bad Immunity Genes Survive: Study Implicates Arms Race Between Genes and Germs
- Discovery Uses 'Fracture Putty' to Repair Broken Bone in Days
- Two New Species of Horned Dinosaur Named
- Magnetic Moon: Magnetic Anomalies On Moon Are Result of Asteroid Collision
- NASA's Swift Narrows Down Origin of Important Supernova Class
- Paleoclimate Record Points Toward Potential Rapid Climate Changes
- Psychopaths' Brains Show Differences in Structure and Function
- Star Explodes and Turns Inside out
- Floor of Oldest Fossilized Forest Discovered: 385 Million Years Old
- Large Solar Flares Generate Geomagnetic Storm
- Jellyfish Inspires Latest Ocean-Powered Robot
- Most Detailed Infrared Image of the Carina Nebula Ever
- New Defense Mechanism Against Viruses and Cancer Identified
- Gene Therapy Boosts Brain Repair for Demyelinating Diseases
- Step Forward in Effort to Regenerate Damaged Nerves
- Neuroscientists Identify How the Brain Works to Select What We (Want To) See
- 'Head-First' Diversity Shown to Drive Vertebrate Evolution
- Specific Antibodies Halt Alzheimer's Disease in Mice
- Land Animals, Ecosystems Walloped After Permian Dieoff
- Get Me out of This Slump: Visual Illusions Improve Sports Performance
- Fastest Wind from Stellar-Mass Black Hole
- Touching a Nerve: How Every Hair in Skin Feels Touch and How It All Gets to the Brain
- NASA's Voyager Hits New Region at Solar System Edge
- Nano Funnel Used to Generate Extreme Ultraviolet Light Pulses
- Milky Way Image Reveals Detail of a Billion Stars
- Future Forests May Soak Up More Carbon Dioxide Than Previously Believed
- Genetic Link Between Visual Pathways of Hydras and Humans Discovered
- Skin Cells Turned Into Neural Precusors, Bypassing Stem-Cell Stage
- Magnetic Fields Set Stage for Birth of New Stars
- Researchers Identify Mysterious Life Forms in the Extreme Deep Sea
- Bat Brains Parse Sounds for Multitasking
- 'Ordinary' Black Hole Discovered 12 Million Light Years Away
- Engineers Create Tandem Polymer Solar Cells That Set Record for Energy-Conversion
- West Nile Virus Transmission Linked to Land Use Patterns and 'Super-Spreaders'
- NASA Study Solves Case of Earth's 'Missing Energy'
- Oscillating Gel Acts Like Artificial Skin, Giving Robots Potential Ability to 'Feel'
- Beast With Four Tails: Milky Way Devouring Neighboring Dwarf Galaxies
- NASA Mars Orbiter Catches Twister in Action
- Lava Formations in Western U.S. Linked to Rip in Giant Slab of Earth
- Multi-Purpose Photonic Chip Paves the Way to Programmable Quantum Processors
- Bigger, Scarier Weapons Help Spiders Get the Girl
- Hundreds of Threatened Species Not On Official U.S. List, Research Shows
- Observations of Gamma-Ray Burst Reveal Surprising Ingredients of Early Galaxies
- NASA Mars Rover Finds Mineral Vein Deposited by Water
- Microprocessors from Graphene: Discoveries May Advance Electronic Circuit Technology
- Extended Synaptic Development May Explain Our Cognitive Edge Over Other Primates
- Diverse Ecosystems Are Crucial Climate Change Buffer
- Building Blocks of Early Earth Survived Collision That Created Moon
- Ultra-Compact Dwarf Galaxies Are Bright Star Clusters
- Stem Cells Can Repair a Damaged Cornea
- Hatcheries Change Salmon Genetics After a Single Generation
- Super-Earth Unlikely Able to Transfer Life to Other Planets
- New Evidence for Complex Molecules On Pluto's Surface
- Key to Growth Differences Between Species
- Dreaming Takes the Sting out of Painful Memories, Research Shows
- Lyme Disease Surge Predicted for Northeastern US: Due to Acorns and Mice, Not Mild Winter
- First Low-Mass Star Detected in Globular Cluster
- Disaster Looms for Gas Cloud Falling Into Milky Way's Central Black Hole
- Catching a Comet Death On Camera
- Exercise Triggers Stem Cells in Muscle
- Picky Females Promote Diversity
- Jawbone Found in England Is from the Earliest Known Modern Human in Northwestern Europe
- First Consumption of Abundant Life Form, Archaea, Discovered
- Researchers Discover a New Path for Light Through Metal
- Newborn Stars Emerge from Dark Clouds in Taurus
- In Space and On Earth, Why Build It, When a Robot Can Build It for You?
- How Does Our Brain Know What Is a Face and What's Not?
- Clearest Picture Yet of Dark Matter Points the Way to Better Understanding of Dark Energy
- Organics Probably Formed Easily in Early Solar System
- Astronomers Find Three Smallest Planets Outside Solar System
- Ultracold Experiments Heat Up Quantum Research

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